Our Veterans Organization Needs Your Help

The 40et8 Veterans organization was founded more than 100 years ago. It is a nonprofit organization that promotes the welfare and well-being of those who served. Our local Voiture 767 (post) in Temple, MI., was formed in the mid-1980s. Here we actively participate in projects that benefit the welfare of children, financial sponsoring of a Nurses Training Program, funding of select charitable endeavors, and assisting in the advisement and care of our veterans.

Currently, the Voiture 767 has 39 active members. The majority of members are retirees who donate their time and efforts to operate and maintain our facility that consists of a lounge/dining area, activity room, kitchen, and associated facilities. Costs necessary for upkeep and improvements continue to mount as structures and equipment are becoming old and weathered. All operating funds are generated from the lounge/grill, raffles, special dinners, off-site hotdog stand sales, and member/private donations.

As a result of an aging facility and limited financial resources, we are asking for Go Fund Me Donations to assist in the funding of a replacement roof by a qualified, licensed contractor. The estimated cost for this effort is $25,000. Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated.

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